Wise Chinese proverbs about dragons - Symbol of the New Year 2024

"A dragon at rest does not forget its scales."

"The dragon in the sky is not bound by the gold on the ground."

"A wise man does not dwell on the horns of a dragon."

"The dragon rises when the phoenix falls."

"A dragon's breath does not extinguish the flame within."

"The dragon and the tiger can share the same mountain."

"A dragon's pearl is only as valuable as the wisdom it reflects."

"Do not forget the dragon, but do not fear the snake."

"The dragon's roar is not louder than the phoenix's song."

"A dragon's shadow may be long, but it cannot block the sun."

"A dragon's journey begins with a single scale."

"A dragon's heart knows neither fear nor doubt."

"In the dance of dragons, wisdom and strength move as one."

"The dragon's eye sees beyond the mountain, but the wise man's gaze reaches the stars."

"The dragon's tail may coil, but it cannot bind the wind."

"A dragon's treasure is not measured in gold but in the warmth of its fire."

"Do not chase the dragon's tail; walk beside it and learn its dance."

"The dragon's flight is guided by the currents of patience."

"A dragon's wisdom lies in the depths of its scales, not the sharpness of its claws."

"Even a dragon cannot extinguish the smallest flame of hope."
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